REVENGE is a Speed Metal band formed in Medellín - Colombia in 2002. In his complete discography, between many editions and international reissues counts with 7 Full Lenghts; "MetalWarriors” 2005 Rage and Revenge" (2007), "Death Sentence" (2009), "Metal Is: Addiction and Obsession" (2011), "Vendetta" “Harder Than Steel" (2015) & Spitting Fire (2017); 3 EP, "Bang Your Head" (2008), "Soldiers Under Satan's Command" (2013) and "Die Hard" (2016); 2 DVD, "Revenge Is Very Good Eaten Cold" (2010) and "Death Sentence" special edition of Floga Records (2009). in 2017, the band commemorate 15 years of continuous work.

REVENGE has participated in several concerts in Colombia such as Rock Al Parque 2015, Manizales Grita Rock 2014, Altvoz Fest and will be alive at the end of 2017 at ”Festival del Diablo” as a national guest with bands likes Accept, Sodom, Exodus and others. Revenge was played in international gigs in some countries like United States, Argentina, Paraguay, Peru and Ecuador. The band has editions on Vinyl LP edited by European labels like Floga Records from Greece, Iron Bonehead from Germany & Iron Shield Records from Germany too, who has the main international representative of REVENGE and with whom will reissue the next album on CD and LP.

At the moment in its international projection the band has been approaching for diverse concerts in Europe and the United States. All of our discography also is available in all digital sites, Check It Out !